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About Us

IDVA Mission

We are committed to the solemn promise of empowering veterans and their families to thrive in Illinois as an expression of our gratitude for their service to our country. Every encounter will be an example of dignity and respect as we understand the challenges of military service and the lifelong impact it has on their lives. 

IDVA Vision

Illinois is the destination of choice for veterans and a national leader in veteran advocacy and services. IDVA sets the standard for connecting veterans and their families with all the benefits and privileges they earned to empower them to thrive.

IDVA Guiding Principles


We are committed to excellence through our deep expertise, immersion into the details and willingness to debate collaboratively to reach sound decisions that benefit our veterans and their families. Whenever possible, we will find a way to say yes while always going the extra mile to ensure no stone is left unturned.


IDVA will collaborate with all veteran service providers and utilize a "one team, one fight" approach to share best practices. We will lead, unite and join forces with our partners to develop and quickly adopt innovative ideas that empower our veterans and allow them to enjoy an easier path to the benefits they have earned, both here in Illinois, and throughout the nation. 


We are wholly responsible for providing world class care in our veterans homes, superior outreach and service to the veterans community and sound stewardship of our resources. Veterans and their families will be at the absolute center of everything we do at IDVA. We will utilize a holistic approach that considers their physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs.  

Who We Are

The IDVA team consists of more than 1,200 staff – many of whom are veterans – who are committed to serving the Illinois veteran community.

  • Veteran Service Officers
  • Veterans Home Staff
  • Central Office
  • State-Approving Agency (SAA)
  • Grants/Records

The IDVA is a resource for you.

Our team is poised to help you navigate services and benefits, and finding the right long-term home for you. And, if we don't have the direct service or answers, we promise a warm hand-off to those who can. You can learn about our team and partners here. Let's keep the communication going.