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Complaints and recommendations can be received from veterans and other Illinois residents who seek services from the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs (IDVA); residents of Veterans' Homes, their families, and visitors; vendors and contractors of the IDVA; and staff of the IDVA via several avenues, including, mail,

Veterans' Accountability Unit
1011 S 2nd Street
Springfield, IL, 62704

Email:  or call the Accountability Toll-Free Helpline: 1-855-660-7011.

All complaints received by VAU must be reported to the OEIG

The VAU Director will report all complaints to the OEIG, and the OEIG will determine whether to investigate, refer to the appropriate agency, refer to any appropriate law enforcement agency, request a response from IDVA to the complaint, allegations, or incident, or refer to the Veterans' Accountability Unit to conduct further inquiry or review if necessary.   

The VAU Director can request the OEIG prioritize an assessment of a complaint, so important matters don't go uninvestigated. 

Reviewing Complaints referred to VAU by OEIG

After VAU receives a complaint referred by the OEIG, preliminary investigative steps should be taken for clarification.  Preliminary steps can consist of (this list is not all inclusive):

  • Contacting the complainant,
  • Obtaining documents,
  • Accessing databases,
  • Online searches,
  • Contacting a witness.

Once preliminary steps have been taken to gather further information, all information should be presented to and discussed with the VAU Director. If the VAU is investigating a complaint and comes across a bigger-picture or systemic issue, it will consult with the OEIG before proceeding further. Results of all VAU investigations will be shared with the OEIG.