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Veteran Driver's License

Illinois veterans are authorized the designation of “Veteran” placed on their driver’s license or state identification card. To obtain a "Veteran" designation on your Driver's License or State ID card you must:

• Be an honorably discharged U.S. Veteran.

• Bring your Veteran document such as a DD214, Form 13038, Department of Defense Form DD-2 (Retired), an identification card issued under the federal Veterans Identification Card Act of 2015, a United States Department of Veterans Affairs summary of benefits letter or other official Department of Defense discharge document that indicates the applicant was honorable discharged to any Secretary of State facility to obtain the "Veteran" designation on your Driver's License or State ID card. If the "Veteran" designation is added during the renewal of your Driver's License or State ID card, there is no additional cost. If a veteran chooses to add the designation before their scheduled renewal date, they may obtain an updated Driver's License for $5 and an updated State ID card for $10. Veterans over the age of 65 can obtain an updated State ID card at no cost.

• Applicants will leave the facility with a temporary, secure paper driver's license, which is valid for 90 days and will serve as their DL/state ID for driving purposes and proof of identification. The temporary, secure paper driver's license will contain a photo and the basic information that appears on the permanent driver's license or state ID card. In addition, the facility employee will return the old DL/state ID card back to the applicant.

• The SOS will verify your Veteran document with the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs (IDVA). If the IDVA is unable to verify your honorably-discharged veteran status, you will be notified to return to a SOS facility to have the veteran designation removed from your driver’s license and/or identification card.