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Executive Leadership Team

Director – Terry Prince

Assistant Director – Anthony Vaughn

Chief of Staff – Melissa Black

Assistant to the Director – Jennifer Franklin

Assistant to the Assistant Director – Cynthia McKee

Assistant to the Chief of Staff –  Alicia Utterback

Field Services

Field Services Manager – Mark Patterson

Claims Management Center – Robert Iverson III (Acting)

Field Training Coordinator – Ken Bonner

Central Region Supervisor – Kimberly Fuiten

Metro Region Supervisor – Robert Iverson III

Northern Region Supervisor – Melissa Beckford

Southern Region Supervisor – Jeffrey Lewis (Acting)

Veterans’ Homes

Senior Home Administrator - Angela Simmons

Anna Veterans' Home Administrator – Angela Simmons

Chicago Veterans' Home Administrator – T’Kira Siler-Wilkerson

LaSalle Veterans' Home Administrator  - Vacant

Manteno Veterans' Home Administrator – Tanya Smith

Quincy Veterans' Home Administrator – Troy Culbertson

   Prince Home Program Administrator – Wali Lewis

   (Direct Services – Central Office)

Support Services Leadership

Chief Fiscal Officer – Vacant

Chief Internal Auditor - Vacant

Equal Employment Officer – Franklin Johnson

General Counsel – Brittany Hawkins

 Grants Manager – Connie Watson

Human Resources Manager – Tammy Showers

Infection Preventionist - Cindy Reynolds 

 Labor Relations Manager – Lisa Tisdale

Legislative Liaison - Sara Augustinas

Operations and Programs Division Manager – Danielle N. Luevano

Public Information Officer – Maureen S. Hartigan

Senior Program Manager/Women’s Veterans Coordinator – Kourtney Hopkins

Senior Program Policy Advisor – Crystal Womack

Veterans Education and Training Services (VETS) Administrator – Dan Wellman

Veterans' Home Coordinator – Gwen Diehl