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In addition to all other State employee requirements, the VAU staff are required to be trained on investigative skills against maladministration as well as Administrative Rule 50 and Rule 50.30(f). Rule 50 training equips staff with the ability to:

  • Identify abuse and neglect,
  • Know who is covered by the rule,
  • Understand reporting requirements,
  • Understand first response expectations, and
  • Understand findings and the appeal process.

Rule 50.30(f) mandates that all agencies must have at least one staff member trained in the preliminary steps of an investigations. This includes securing the scene, taking photos, collecting evidence, collecting written statements, etc.

Additionally, the VAU staff are required to receive training from the state of Illinois Long Term Care Ombudsman. The VAU staff will not be certified as Ombudsman but will take the training so that they are aware of the mission of the Ombudsman and are aware of where the VAU responsibilities coincide with the Ombudsman so that the best care can be provided for the Veterans living in the IDVA Veterans' Homes long term care facilities.