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Military Records

The Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs (IDVA) maintains military records on many Illinois veterans. If you are an Illinois native or have ever visited one of our Veteran Service Officers, we may have a copy of your DD 214 on file. If your records are not on file with IDVA, our Veteran Service Officers can assist you in requesting a certified copy from the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, MO.

Request for Discharge from IDVA:

To request a certified copy of a discharge recorded with the IDVA, it must have come from an original or certified copy, at the time is was filed with our agency.  IDVA can provide certified copies at the time it is filed, from an original or certified copy only.  A certified copy is a copy with an embossed (raised) seal from a County Recorder/Clerk or the National Personnel Records Center.  A photo ID must accompany the Release of Information (ROI).  A fillable Release of Information is linked below.

If you are the veteran, the veteran’s Next of Kin, fiduciary, or executor please click HERE  to complete the release of information.

If you are an accredited service organization, authorized government agency, funeral home, or coroner please click HERE to complete the Release of Information.

Reasons a discharge may not be certifiable:

  • Source document was/is not an original or certified copy.
  • The discharge on record is not legible in critical areas (name, SSN or Serial Number, dates, character of service, etc.).
  • Complete and Proper Release was not provided.

In addition, we assist veterans to:

  • Obtain a set of duplicate military awards;
  • Acquire copies of their service records and service treatment records;
  • Submit discharge document upgrades; and
  • Request updates to their DD-214?s, such as the receipt of a campaign medal after discharge.

IDVA also utilizes military records to assist other state agencies with the following services:

  • Confirming veterans preference for state employment
  • Validating license plate requests for Illinois veterans
  • Authenticating tax exemption certificates
  • Furnishing veteran burial certificates

Veterans interested in permanently recording and/or storing their service records e.g. DD 214 for future use should visit one of our Veteran Service Officers. In future instances, visit our local veteran service office and request a copy of your service discharge, certify your existing discharge, and/or apply for federal, state, and local benefits.