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Illinois Veterans Advisory Council

The Illinois Veterans Advisory Council (IVAC) under 20 ILCS 2805/15 was established by Public Act 93-0779 on July 21, 2004. The IVAC shall meet quarterly or at the call of the chairman or the Director of Veterans Affairs or the Governor.  The Council is empowered to:

  • Advise IDVA with respect to the fulfillment of its statutory duties.
  • Review and study the issues and concerns that are most significant to Illinois veterans and advise the Department on those issues and concerns
  • Receive a report from the IDVA Director or the Director's designee at each meeting with respect to the general activities of the Department.

Report to the Governor and the General Assembly annually describing the issues addressed and the actions taken by the council during the year as well as any recommendations for future action. 

       To view prior and current IVAC meeting agendas and minutes please visit IVAC Agenda and Minutes Information.