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General Information

Illinois' Veterans' Homes:

A commitment to enhancing the lives of Illinois veterans in our care.

Illinois veterans and eligible spouses seeking skilled and domiciliary care are offered five unique veterans' homes located across Illinois: Anna, Chicago, LaSalle, Manteno, and Quincy. Beginning with the oldest home Quincy, founded in 1886 sitting on 210 picturesque acres to the newest home in Chicago, an urban, open-concept home, each offers person centered care delivered by medical professionals and staff dedicated to enhancing the lives of veterans in their care.

Caring for the whole person: The homes' comprehensive model of care considers the medical, personal, and emotional needs of each resident. The staffs are uniquely capable of serving the needs of the veteran community and offering an environment that honors their service to the country.

Medical Care: Trained medical and care professionals ensure the veterans are healthy and their day-to-day needs are met.

Nutrition:  Menus are created to provide balanced nutrition with enjoyable culinary experiences.

Programs: The homes' activities professionals develop meaningful and creative programs to engage resident veterans in their community and insert joy into their every day.

Connections: As experienced long-term care providers, we understand that care transcends far beyond the veteran and includes his/her family and friends. We open our doors to families and develop programs and events that bring us all together. Members are also encouraged to have visitors on a frequent basis and can be granted leave of absence for visits outside the Home if their medical needs permit.


Eligibility is outlined in State statute, specifically 20 ILCS 2805/2.01. Please see the summary below: 

Any honorably discharged veteran is entitled to admission if he or she:

  • Has served in the U.S. Armed Forces at least one day during a period recognized by the USDVA as a war period or served in a hostile fire environment and was awarded a campaign or expeditionary medal; or
  • Was retired for a service-connected disability or injury, or
  • Has served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces for 24 months of continuous service or more and enlisted after September 7, 1980 or
  • Has served as a Reservist or National Guard member, and the service included being called to Federal Active Duty (excluding service for Active Duty Training only) and completed the term or completed 20 years of satisfactory service and is otherwise eligible to receive reserve or active duty retirement benefits limited to domiciliary care only; or
  • Has been discharged for reasons of hardship or released from active duty due to a reduction in the U.S. Armed Forces before the completion of the required period of service; and
  • Entered the service as a resident of Illinois or has been a resident of Illinois for one year immediately preceding the date of application for admission; and
  • Is disabled by disease, wounds, or otherwise, and because of disability is incapable of earning a living.
  • A widow or widower of a honorably discharged veteran who was a resident of the State of Illinois for a continuous period of one year immediately before making application, who has no adequate means of support, and is unable to earn a living is entitled to admission to the Illinois Veterans Homes at Anna and Quincy should vacant beds exist. Additionally, a Gold Star family member deemed eligible by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs who was a resident of the State of Illinois for a continuous period of one year immediately before making application is entitled to admission to any of the Illinois.
    Preference for filling vacant beds or for filling vacant beds from a waiting list shall be granted first to eligible veterans.

Peacetime veterans with one year of honorable military service may also be eligible for admission; other qualifying conditions, as required, must be met.

Admission to an Illinois Veterans’ Home is based upon:

  • The ability of the Home to provide adequate and appropriate care and services required by the person’s medical diagnoses and assessed needs, and:
  • An available bed in the category required by the veteran’s medical conditions and assessed needs.

Cost of Care

The monthly cost of care is $1,659 (as of 4/23), significantly lower than comparative Homes. This is an earned benefit for their service to our nation.

Residents who have a monthly income will pay a monthly maintenance charge towards the total cost of their care. (NOTE: The inability to contribute to the cost of care does not prevent admission into the Home.) The monthly cost is based only on the monthly income of the Veteran and spouse and does not include other assets. The maximum amount is subject to change on an annual basis, depending on Social Security cost of living adjustments. For the current cost of care, please contact the Adjutant’s office at any of the Veterans Homes and they will be happy to assist you. Those residents who qualify for the Aid & Attendance allowance from the US DVA will pay an additional Aid & Attendance charge, in addition to the monthly maintenance charge. The Aid & Attendance charge is equal to the amount of the allowance provided by the US DVA.

Qualifying Standards

Each Home is surveyed, inspected, and certified annually by its US Department of Veterans Affairs medical center of jurisdiction in areas of resident rights, quality of care, and safety.

Additionally, our Homes are inspected and licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and must comply with its established rules and regulations.

National, state and local veteran organizations frequently visit the Homes, and Resident Advisory Groups in each Home work to represent resident members’ views and to ensure that quality of life standards remain high.

Admission Priorities

In addition to a veteran’s military service, admission to an Illinois Veterans’ Home is based upon:

  1. The ability of the Home to provide the care and services required by the veteran's medical diagnoses and assessed needs.
  2. An available bed in the category of care required by the veteran's medical conditions and assessed needs.

Veterans whose applications are accepted, but who cannot be immediately admitted to the facility, are placed on the facility waiting list and are prioritized on a "first come-first served" basis. Absolutely no exceptions are permitted to this policy.

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Staff members at each Home are available to answer admission-related questions and to advise veterans and families in making the best choice possible.

  1. The Adjutant Illinois Veterans' Home - Anna
     792 N. Main Street
     Anna, Illinois 62906
     Phone: (618) 833-5394
     Fax: (618) 833-3603
  2. The Adjutant Illinois Veterans' Home - LaSalle
     1015 O'Conor Avenue
     LaSalle, Illinois 61301
     Phone: (815) 410-8375
     Fax: (815) 223-5815
  3. The Adjutant Illinois Veterans' Home - Manteno
    1 Veterans Drive
    Manteno, Illinois 60950
    Phone: (815) 907-3506
    Fax: (815) 468-8972
  4. The Adjutant Illinois Veterans' Home - Quincy
    1707 N. 12th Street
    Quincy, Illinois 62301         
    Phone: (217) 640-2488 
    Fax: (217) 640-5677
  5. The Adjutant Illinois Veterans' Home - Chicago
    4250 N. Oak Park Avenue
    Chicago, Illinois 60634
    Phone: (773) 794-3763
    Fax: (872) 304-6738